7.5-tonnes trucks are the unsung heroes of the European supply chain, offering versatility, and efficiency, plus the ultimate in European driving flexibility

19th June 2024

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Efret’s fleet of 7.5-tonne trucks play a crucial role in our European transportation and logistics services and provide unrivalled flexibility for express and time critical movements. What they lack in physical size, these vehicles make up for in payload capacity, fuel efficiency and CO2 benefits.

Importantly, they are permitted to operate normally during weekend commercial vehicle restrictions in some countries such as France and Germany. In summary, the benefits are:

Payload capacity: 

Generous payload: Typically, our 7.5-tonne trucks can carry goods weighing in the region of 2,500 kg (2.5-tonnes) and up to 19 euro-pallets.

Fuel efficiency: 

Fuel economy: These trucks have smaller engines and therefore use less fuel. They are also designed to operate at lower revs, resulting in optimal fuel economy and a reduction in operating costs.

Lower CO2 emissions: 

Emission reduction: 7.5-tonne trucks contribute to lower CO2 emissions compared to heavier vehicles. Their efficient engines and lightweight design play a role in environmental sustainability


Agile deliveries: Despite their large cargo capacity, these trucks are small enough maintain agility and ease of maneuverability, especially useful for deliveries in congested urban environments. 

European flexibility: 

Sunday Driving: Most heavy goods vehicles over 7.5-tonnes are banned from French and German roads and motorways every weekend between 10 pm Saturday and 10 pm on Sunday. The flexibility of the 7.5-tonner enables uninterrupted cross border freight movements over these periods.

Many of our customers are recognising the advantages of these vehicles and relying on them as part of their supply chain operations. For example, the ecommerce giant, Amazon, depends on their flexibility and efficiency to play a major part in their Relay scheme, adapting to the seasonal and peak demands of the retail industry.

Clara Bascou, Amazon Carrier Manager, comments…

“The 7.5T program, a cornerstone of Efret Ltd.'s innovation, bestows manifold benefits upon both customers and business proprietors. Facilitating operations during truck driving bans, particularly over weekends, this initiative not only upholds Amazon's promise to its customers but also revolutionizes the logistics landscape.

Transitioning from half-empty 44T trucks to nimble, fully-loaded 7.5T vans, not only enhances operational efficiency but also yields environmental dividends, notably reducing CO2 emissions”.

Gergo Zagony, Efret Head of Ecommerce, adds…

“The 7.5-tonne trucks that operate our Efast service have become incredibly popular with our clients, particularly in the ecommerce sector. When the end customer insists on next day delivery, then solutions have to be found to ensure an unbroken supply chain over the weekend. These trucks offer the perfect alternative to larger vehicles with a high payload and a lower operating cost”.


Our fleet of 7.5-tonne trucks combine ample cargo space, fuel efficiency, and environmental benefits. Their ability to travel on most European roads on Sundays further enhances their flexibility when transit over the weekend is essential.

For more information about how we can help solve your transport challenges utilising our 7.5-tonne fleet, contact our team of multilingual freight specialists.

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