Corporate Management

Alain Jestin


Jeff Duval


Commercial Desk

Lea Guesnier

Head of Commercial Dept

Bart Pikula

Business Development

Rosalind Ayling

Commercial Business Analyst

Operations & Customs Desk

Automotive Department

Bart Pikula

Head of Automotive Dept

Adina Gramon

Key Account Manager

Aleksander Ditrych

Transport Planner

Zivile Simkeviciute

Freight Organiser

Adrian Dziedzic

Freight Organiser

E-commerce Department

Gergo Zagony

Head of E-commerce

Razvan Pascu

Efast Key Account Manager

Justyna Lakoma

Freight Organiser

Packaging & FMCG Department

Zita W Bako

Head of Packaging/Ind. & FMCGs

Alexander Paterson

Key Account Manager

Joanna Ditrych

Key Account Manager

Customs & Air Freight Department

Melissa Sayers

Head of Customs & Air Freight

Neil Gregory

Customs Supervisor Import

Christina Brandt

Customs Clearance Associate

Evening Shift Department

Rali Cullen

Evening Shift Supervisor

IT & Accounts Desk

Charles Duval


Dan Khosa

Systems Engineer

Valentino Duval

Systems Engineer

Ben Marchbanks

Infrastructure Engineer

Yvette Pidgley

Account Assistant

Cynthia Duval

Account Assistant

Kim Johnson

Administration Clerk

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United Kingdom

Company Number 5348126
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