Logistics specialists collaborate to support the rebuilding of Ukraine

27th September 2023

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Karol Swiacki, CEO of Ukraine Relief, checks the goods before dispatch

NPSG Global are a leading supplier of e-fulfilment warehouse implementation services and have operations around the world. They work with selected logistics partners in Europe and transport specialists Efret are supporting them with warehousing and distribution services in Poland.

When a recent project in Poland came to an end, NPSG were able to donate surplus tools, including hand drills, impact drivers, cutting tools, pallet trucks and printers. Instead of transporting the tools to the next project in another country, they realised how useful the tools would be to support the rebuilding of neighbouring Ukraine. The team decided to donate them to the aid effort but were unsure how to make this happen from a logistics point of view.

Enter Alex Paterson, Key Account Manager at Efret, who seized the opportunity to connect all the interested parties and facilitate the despatch and transport to Ukraine.

Alex contacted Karol Swiacki, the CEO of Bournemouth-based charity Ukraine Relief, to find out if he could help. Karol was only too pleased to find a home for the donated equipment and organised the transport from the warehouse in Poland to where the tools are needed in Ukraine.

Two 13.6m artic trucks were secured to transport the valuable cargo and, with the kind support of Syncreon, whose local team loaded the trucks without charge on the 20th and 21st of September, ready for the 752 km journey to Lviv in Ukraine.

The trucks will be offloaded at their destination within 48/72 hours and the tools will be soon put to work as a welcome and practical addition to help the people of Ukraine rebuild their country.

Ukraine Relief QR Code

“We’re delighted to be able to use our resources to support the Ukraine relief effort”.
Julien Hand, Operations Manager, NPSG Europe

“It’s amazing how people can play as one team to save others”.
Karol Swiacki, CEO, Ukraine Relief

“It’s been a privilege to be involved with this opportunity to help the people of Ukraine secure some much-needed equipment”.
Alex Paterson, Key Account Manager, Efret

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