Bart Pikula

Bart Pikula
Head of Automotive, Efret LtdConnect

Bart was born and raised in Poland and relocated to the UK in 2004. Soon after arriving, he started work at Mahle Filter Systems in Salisbury, a manufacturer of automotive parts for major car producers, initially as a forklift driver.

He soon moved up to the role of Despatch Supervisor, coordinating the smooth running of the shipping function of the warehouse and solving customer facing challenges. This was his first introduction to critical transport and logistics operations, such was the demanding nature of their customers including Honda, Aston Martin, Ford, BMW and Nissan. It was this point that he became aware of Efret who were the preferred transport provider for Just-in-Time European freight movements.

After five years. Mahle’s HQ in Germany decided to close the Salisbury plant and some of the production lines were transferred to their sister plant in Telford. Bart reallocated there to help with implementation of key processes, however, after six months, he decided to move to Efret to concentrate his career in European Transport.

Joining Efret in 2009 as a Freight Forwarder, his automotive background led him to focusing on Michelin and gradually adding more automotive customers, such as Saint Gobain, Bridgestone and AGC to his portfolio. Bart is particularly skilled at growing and developing key accounts through his experience at both an operational and a commercial level. He has also been instrumental with implementing and coordinating Efret’s own traction fleet.

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Increase of road tolls (MAUT) and CO2 charges for trucks in Germany

Increase of road tolls (MAUT) and CO2 charges for trucks in Germany

26th October 2023 by Bart Pikula 2 minute read

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