What is air freight?

Air freight refers to the transportation of goods or cargo by air carriers, such as airlines or dedicated air freight companies. It's a form of transportation that provides connectivity across the world, efficiency, and speed. For time-sensitive shipments, perishable commodities, high-value products, or where distance and urgency are crucial considerations, air freight is frequently used. 

It entails the transportation of products from the airport of origin to the airport of destination, with a range of services offered, such as expedited delivery or specialised handling for delicate or dangerous materials. Air freight offers a quick and dependable solution for international trade and supply chain activities.

Our air freight solution includes:

  • Consolidations and Express services
  • Global flights to and from all major hubs
  • Multiple services offered (DAP, CPT etc)
  • In-house customs services
  • On-site warehousing and storage available worldwide
  • End to End visibility
  • Dangerous Goods Certified
  • Flexible tailor-made solutions
Aerial view of an air freight aeroplane on a runway with its cargo ready for loading at the rear of the plane. Back

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