What is Mega Trailer Transport?

Mega trailer transport typically refers to the road transportation of goods using mega trailers, which are a specific type of vehicle characterised by their larger dimensions compared to standard transportation trailers.

These mega trailers are designed to accommodate more cargo volume and are often used in the logistics and transportation industry to transport goods more efficiently. Here are some key features and aspects of mega trailer transport:

Increased Cargo Space: Mega trailers are larger in terms of both height and length compared to standard trailers. They are designed to maximise cargo volume, allowing for the transport of larger and bulkier goods. 

For example, our Mega Curtain Trailers can transport 33 EURO pallets whereas a 7.5t Rigid vehicle carries 19 EURO pallets.

Height: Mega trailers are taller than conventional trailers. Our Mega trailers are approximately 1.6 times the height of a Sprinter van. This extra height provides more space for stacking goods vertically.

Length: Mega trailers can also be longer, accommodating longer goods or allowing for the transport of more goods in a single trip.

Efficiency: The increased cargo capacity of mega trailers can lead to more efficient transportation. Fewer trips may be required to transport the same amount of cargo, reducing fuel consumption and transportation costs.

Specialised Cargo: Mega trailers are often used for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo that may not fit within the confines of a standard trailer.

Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading mega trailers may require specialised equipment due to their increased height. Some mega trailers have built-in features to assist with loading and unloading.

Safety and Regulations: Mega trailer transport is subject to regulations and safety standards to ensure that these larger trailers are operated safely on the road.

Versatility: Mega trailers can be versatile and used in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, construction, and logistics. They are suitable for transporting a wide range of goods.

It's worth noting that the specific dimensions and regulations for mega trailers may vary from one region or country to another. In some areas, they may be subject to weight and size restrictions, and operators must comply with local transportation laws.

Mega trailer transport offers advantages in terms of increased cargo capacity and efficiency, making it a viable option for businesses that need to transport larger or bulkier goods.


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