What is Inward Processing Relief (IPR)?

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is a customs procedure that allows a business to import goods from outside the European Union (EU) or another customs territory for processing or manufacturing purposes within that customs territory without paying import duties or taxes.

This procedure is designed to promote economic activities such as manufacturing, processing, or repair within a customs territory, while providing cost savings to businesses by exempting them from customs duties and taxes during the import stage.

Eligibility: To qualify for IPR, a business typically needs to demonstrate that the imported goods will be processed, manufactured, or repaired within the customs territory. This can include activities like assembly, transformation, or other value-added processes.

Customs Procedures: When applying for IPR, the business must provide detailed information about the imported goods, the intended processing activities, and the expected outcome.

Customs Duties and Taxes: Under IPR, import duties and taxes are suspended or relieved at the time of import. These duties and taxes may become payable if the processed goods are released into free circulation within the customs territory. However, if the processed goods are re-exported, the duties and taxes are typically waived.

Record-Keeping: Businesses using IPR are required to maintain detailed records of the imported goods, the processing activities, and the disposition of the processed goods to demonstrate compliance with customs regulations.

Time Limits: There are typically time limits associated with IPR, and the processed goods must be re-exported or released into free circulation within a specified timeframe. Extensions may be granted under certain circumstances.

Security: In some cases, businesses may be required to provide security, such as a financial guarantee, to cover the potential customs duties and taxes if the processed goods are released into free circulation.

Applicable Goods: IPR can apply to a wide range of goods, including raw materials, components, and intermediate products used in manufacturing or processing.

Inward Processing Relief is an essential customs procedure that supports economic activities and trade by allowing businesses to import goods for processing or manufacturing within a customs territory without the immediate financial burden of import duties and taxes. It encourages value-added activities and can be a significant benefit to businesses engaged in processing or manufacturing operations. However, compliance with customs regulations and record-keeping requirements is essential to avoid potential penalties or additional costs.

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