What is Eflow?

Designed to enhance our lead logistics and European transportation customer experience and operations, Eflow provides high-fidelity data and predictive insights across every step of the global supply chain.

Eflow connects, automates and provides visibility into key transportation processes to provide the experience that customers expect with real-time tracking, accurate ETAs, and improved on-time performance. 

Through Eflow we can:

Eliminate Manual Tracking and Time-consuming updates 
Reduce the number of phone calls and emails from customers that want to know where their freight is located. Gain the ability to share real-time information and predictive ETAs.

Streamline Operations
Improve supply chain efficiency with high-quality data and predictive business intelligence and actionable insights into transportation processes.

Reduce Shipping costs
Eliminate costly manual processes and avoid late fees by configuring alerts with time-based geofences and handling issues before they occur.

Secure Data Flow and Privacy
Manage complex data-sharing relationships with thousands of carriers across the globe. Promote and maintain trust between us and our carriers using the only GDPR-compliant platform.

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